Allow us to handle the administrative management of your organization--from routine communications, to websites, to printing services.
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Membership Management, Communication & Printing Services

The CENTEREDSERVICE team was founded on the same core principle that defines its parent company--that service and quality are everything. For over twenty years, members of our team have been providing exceptional customer support to literally hundereds of thousands of clients, and our commitment and experience allows us to provide the same level of customer support to your organization's members. Designed to alleviate much of the administrative work of an organization (such as checking on membership payments, handling renewal inquiries, following up on publication mailings, and answering event-related questions), our membership management tools allow your leaders to focus on leading the organization.

All of our projects begin with a conversation where we learn what you want to accomplish. We combine that conversation with our more than twenty years of experience in order to put together a proposal that outlines costs, deadlines, and our vision and ideas for meeting your needs. Since all of our services are custom, we not only provide just the servies that you would find most beneficial, but are also able to do so while working within the procedures, policies, tools and established knowledgebase of your organization.

While we can create a solution that fits your exact and specific needs, some of our services are described below:

  • Whitelabel Membership Support: For many organizations, much of the typical member communication falls into the category of administrative support. And, especially for a volunteer-led organization, researching and responding to those inquiries about membership status, payments, registrations and subscriptions can take a significant amount of time away from the actual leading of the organization. Our twenty years of custom customer service experience allows us to take those routine inquiries and provide efficient support to your members, while our white label solutions allow us to provide your members with email, telephone and live chat support as if we were your employees. We learn how you operate and know when to escalate inquiries to you. Every month, we send you a report that allows you to ensure that we're providing support of which you can be proud.

  • Membership Communications & Mailings: Organizations often value promoting awareness of membership benefits and events through membership cards, membership mailings, certificates and event invitations. Our in-house application design, print design, printing and mailing services allow us to provide start-to-finish membership communications services. From setting up a system where members are automatically mailed a custom membership card and certificate when they register or renew their membership, to printing and mailing proposal and conference registration invitations, to creating a web application where members can generate publisher discount codes and proof-of-membership certificates, we have the expertise to take your needs and create the custom solution that you envision.

  • Publications & Printing: Our in-house designers and printers can handle any type of publication design and printing. From the small organizational newsletter sent monthly to a few hundred, to the large professional bound journal sent to thousands, we have the capability to handle the design, printing, and mailing of your organization's professional publications. Unlike traditional printers, we can also handle the customer service inquiries related to your publications, such as assisting your members with address changes, renewals, and missing issue claims. And, because we handle everything in-house, we not only guarantee the quality and accuracy of our printed work, but can often offer more color or paper stock options and better pricing than many of our competitors.

  • Membership Management Web Applications: Through a partnership with our sister company, AGENCYEDU, we have the experience to create a web-based system that allows your members to manage their membership without your manual involvement. From handling conference registrations and payments, to soliciting proposals and collecting blind proposal reviews, to conducting auditable elections, to creating a web portal for on-site check-ins or on-site registrations, we can truly tailor and brand a system for you that can be reused (with minimal additional costs) from year to year.

As the services above should illustrate, all of our solutions are designed to allow you to focus on the important work of your organization, while freeing you from the administrative overhead that often weighs down an organization's leaders. That's why we count WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship and Quest Theatre Ensemble among our many satisfied clients.

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AGENCYEDU, a sister brand of CENTEREDSERVICE, is a full service design and programming firm dedicated to the college, university, and volunteer organization market. For more information on working with us to put together a custom membership portal that handles the specific administrative tasks that you want to offload to a dedicated and branded website, visit