From on-site staffing, to program and name badge design and printing, to registration and proposal systems, we are ready to handle your event.
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Event Design & Preparation

The CENTEREDSERVICE team has the experience and expertise to handle all aspects of an upcoming conference or event. We begin by talking to you and learning what you hope to accomplish, what your event entails, and what you would like to outsource. Then, we put together a proposal that outlines the costs and deadlines associated with your needs, as well as that offers various options for complimentary services. This approach lets you take advantage of just those services that your organization would find beneficial while allowing your team to handle other areas of the conference design.

Because we prepare a custom proposal for you and only provide the services that you need, and because our experience allows us to handle literally all aspects of an event's design and preparation, we are able to provide a highly custom solution just for your organization. Some of the design and preparation services that we are able to offer include:

  • Schedule or Program Organization, Design, Printing, and Mobile Distribution: We can handle all aspects of your program. If your membership prefers a printed program, we can take your existing schedule and collateral materials (or even prepare a schedule using a list of criteria and accepted presentations) and design, print and deliver a custom printed program--regardless of whether the final product is a few pages of black and white text or a fully bound color book of over a thousand pages. If your membership prefers the convenience of (and the lower cost associated with) a mobile program, we can work with your existing materials to make a conference or event-specific mobile website. Of course, you can contract with us for whatever you need--from just design, to just printing, to some other combination of our services.

  • Registration Packet and Name Badge Design, Printing, and Distribution: Many members prefer to receive their conference packets (or at least a welcome letter and their name badge) before they arrive at the event. And, many organizations have found that sending such a packet helps alleviate much of the rush that occurs during first day of on-site check-ins, but are unable to send out such a packet because of the time involved in preparing such a mailing. We can easily design a mailing and send conference name badges to your attendees before the conference begins. Of course, as all of our services are truly custom, you can also contract with us to just design or just print and collate your name badges.

  • Web Applications and Event Organization Systems: Through a partnership with our sister company, AGENCYEDU, we can create a custom membership or conference management website that performs the functions that you need. From handling conference registrations and payments, to soliciting proposals and collecting blind proposal reviews, to creating a web portal for on-site check-ins or on-site registrations, we can truly tailor and brand a system that meets your needs and that can be reused (with minimal additional costs) from year to year.

  • Membership Query Response: Similar to our Membership Management Services, we can provide membership query response to your conference registrants. This means that your participants can call a dedicated telephone number, use live chat, or send an email to us to have their questions about the conference, registration, and proposals answered. We can provide as much or as little support as you need, and can handle everything from taking payments over the telephone, to helping with the hotel arrangements, to securing technology for a given presentation space. As our services are branded, your members never know that they are talking to outsourced support and are able to receive the quick responses that they expect without you having to devote time to such administrative work.

All of our services are custom and are handled entirely by our in-house team. We also maintain our own highly secure and highly available web infrastructure and print using equipment that we operate and manage. These facts allow us to provide exceptional services and unmatched quality often at significantly less than the services offered by other companies or through "one-size-fits-all" packages. That's why we count the International Writing Centers Association, the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing and the Midwest Writing Centers Association among our many satisfied clients.

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AGENCYEDU, a sister brand of CENTEREDSERVICE, is a full service design and programming firm dedicated to the college, university, and volunteer organization market. For more information on working with us to put together a custom membership portal that handles the specific administrative tasks that you want to offload to a dedicated and branded website, visit www.AGENCYEDU.com.

On-site Event Services

The CENTEREDSERVICE team has the experience and expertise to handle all aspects of your on-site conference needs--from the securing of and negotiations for a conference venue, to your staffing, check-in, technology, signage and printing needs during the event. Like all of our services, though, we only provide the help that you need and always begin by talking to you and learning what you hope to accomplish through such a partnership. Then, we put together a proposal that outlines the costs and deadlines related to your needs. And, because of our focus, we are able to provide comprehensive services for organizational events with just a hundred participants to those events that cater to thousands.

The goal of our work is to always alleviate as much of the administrative work as possible so that your members experience as perfect a conference as possible without having your leaders experience the "burn out" that is sometimes seen after volunteers run an organizational event. As we tailor this work to your exact needs, we do not have "management packages." However, some of the services that we are able to provide include:

  • Venue Proposals and Negotiations: Our central Florida location has allowed us to create partnerships with some of the largest and most responsive conference venues in the U.S.; however, we have the capability to find and secure a conference venue that meets the exacting needs of your organization at any location. More importantly, we are prepared to handle all aspects of the space negotiations, including room and meeting space discounts for hotel venues, catering discounts and commitments, and on-site venue staffing requirements.

  • On-site Registration and Check-In Staffing: If your organization's leadership would benefit from not having to handle on-site registrations and check-ins, then we can provide on-site staff who take away that burden. We have the capability to automate much of the check-in process, including allowing participants to check-in, print their name badge, and obtain their packets through a kiosk. We can also provide managed staffing for an event's registration and check-in desk, while ensuring that that staff follows your exact procedures and policies.

  • Printing, Materials Distribution, and On-Site Issue Resolution: For most conferences, we are able to provide on-site signage, scheduling, and errata printing, and we can handle the staffed distribution of updates to conference or event attendees. Our on-site staff are also always able to offer issue resolution to your attendees by giving your attendees a single point of contact where their issues or questions can be addressed rather than having them seek out your organization's leadership.

  • Technology Resources and Support: We also have the capability to provide technology resources and rentals--such as projectors and laptops--to your event's speakers. Your contracted technology resources will always be provided on time and in the correct location--something that our on-site team will always confirm. More importantly, should an attendee ever have any problems with any of the resources that we provide, our on-site team is ready to provide adapters, replace equipment, or answer questions immediately and accurately.

All of our on-site conference management proposals are custom, but are often priced at less than many off-the-shelf packages. More importantly, your conference maintains its brand and professionalism through superior staffing, design, printing and execution.

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