Customized and Comprehensive Conference Management and Membership Management Services for Volunteer-led Organizations.

Many professional organizations rely on volunteer staff to manage all aspects of the organization--from membership and subscription management, to answering routine membership questions, to planning, supporting, and executing conferences. CENTEREDSERVICE allows you to separate the administrative work of the organization from the crucial work that the volunteer leadership should be focused on.

Conference Management

Depending on the needs of your organization, CENTEREDSERVICE can manage all apsects of your conference. In addition to program, name badge, and signage design and printing, our team has the ability to provide on-site staffing, technology rentals, registration support and mobile site development.

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Membership Management

CENTEREDSERVICE has the proven experience to provide real-time telephone, live chat, and email membership inquiry response and support. In addition to routine communication, we also have the ability to design, print, and email renewal reminders, membership cards, and member publications.

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Online Proposal, Election & Registration Systems

Through our sister company, AGENCYEDU, we can create customized websites designed to handle the everyday work of an organization. From auditable elections, to membership and conference registrations, to proposal reviews, we are ready to create a solution for you.

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At its core, CENTEREDSERVICE allows you to separate the administrative work of your organization from the crucial work that the volunteer leadership should be focused on.

Our experienced team can handle all aspects of organization and conference management, and can put together a custom package that features only the tools and services that your organization needs. From answering your members' routine questions via email and telephone, to designing, organizing, scheduling, and printing conference programs, to handling on-site conference registrations, to automatically processing membership renewals, we have the skill-set and the developed tools that allow you to offload the administrative burden so that you can focus on the important work that your organization elected you to do. If you need name badges printed and organized, or if you need to handle an auditable online election, or if you need on-site registration desk staffing for an upcoming conference, we have the tools and staff in place and stand ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

All of our products and services are available through a custom, no-obligation bid. This allows us to provide you with a proposal for only the services that your organization might need.

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